Tribe Leader Policy

Tribe Leader Account Agreement for Green Grass Grove and 3G-Camping Retreat.

Introduction: Green Grass Grove and 3G-Camping Retreat have established the Tribe Leader Account Policy to ensure the safety, enjoyment, and well-being of all campers during their stay. The person who books the Campsite(s) will be designated as the Tribe Leader and will be held financially responsible for their group.

Tribe Leader: The person who made the Hipcamp reservation and is the primary contact person for the group is designated as the Tribe Leader and may be responsible for any additional fees that the Group may incur during their stay (for example: a group not checking out on time and opting for a later departure and then a Late Checkout Fee was charged to the Tribe Leader).

Tribe Leader Registration: Tribe Leaders are required to register for a free Tribe Leader Camper Account online prior to or upon arrival at the campground. By registering, Tribe Leaders agree to read, understand, and abide by all Green Grass Grove and 3G-Camping Retreat policies.

Camper Registration & Assistance:Tribe Leaders will also ensure that all Campers and other guests in their Group must register with 3G-Camping Retreat as required with Green Grass Grove’s Bio-Security Policy & Procedure. All Campers (including Tribe Leaders) are expected to read, understand, and agree to the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Hipcamp’s Policies, and 3G-Camping Campground Policy prior to entering the campground. Tribe Leaders are expected to read, understand, and agree to the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Hipcamp’s Policies, the Campground Policy, and the Tribe Leader Policy prior to entering the campground.

Benefits of Registering: By registering for the free Tribe Leader and Camper Account, Tribe Leaders gain access to important safety information, as well as the Canteen Store and interactive entertainment options available to our all Campers.

Responsibilities of Tribe Leaders:

  • Representative/Spokesperson of their Camping Group.
  • Ensure the Campground is left in the same condition it was received and that their Group is ready to depart at 11:00 am on the day of departure.
  • Financial responsibility for any damages caused by their group.
  • Ensure that the campfire safety policies are followed. A designated Campfire Safety Camper must be present for any campfires.
  • Access and share important safety information with Group.
  • Maintaining open communication between their Group of Campers and be the point of contact for the Group when dealing with 3G-Camping property management
  • Help maintain the peace within their Group.

Respect for Other Campers: Tribe Leaders are expected to help maintain the peace. Campers are expected to be respectful of other campers and keep their noise levels down to reasonable levels. This is a family-friendly campground, and campers are expected to be mindful of their language around the presence of children. Quiet hours are 11PM – 7AM.

Campfire Safety:

The Tribe Leader or a Designated Campfire Safety Camper appointed by the Tribe Leader must be present for any campfires. Green Grass Grove and 3G-Camping Retreat strongly recommend that the Tribe Leader and/or Designated Campfire Safety Monitor complete our free Campfire Safety Course and pass the Campfire Safety Quiz with a score of 80% or higher. The Tribe Leader must either designate themselves or someone else as the designated Campfire Safety Monitor or campfires may not be permitted due to safety concerns.

Local Communications:

As the designated Tribe Leader for your group at 3G-Camping Retreat, it is your responsibility to ensure clear and reliable communication during your stay. To assist you in this role, 3G-Camping Retreat provides you with a complimentary walkie-talkie radio.

The purpose of the radio is for communication between you, your group, and 3G-Camping Retreat’s property management team. It is your responsibility to use the walkie-talkie radio exclusively for this purpose and not for any other purpose or off the property.

Upon departure, you are responsible for returning the walkie-talkie radio in the same condition as received, including any accessories and packaging. If the radio is not returned in the same condition, 3G-Camping Retreat reserves the right to charge you the replacement cost of $60 per unit.

You acknowledge that the walkie-talkie radio has a battery life of 24-48 hours and is equipped with low-battery notifications. If the battery needs changing, 3G-Camping Retreat will switch it out for you, but it is your responsibility to notify them on Channel 8.

3G-Camping Retreat operates on Channel 8, and the base-command radio is always available for communication. If the base is unattended, 3G-Camping Retreat will notify you in advance and provide alternative means of contact.

Additional walkie-talkies may be provided based on availability and at 3G-Camping Retreat’s discretion, but it is your responsibility to ensure that all walkie-talkies provided are used and returned as outlined in this policy.