Campground Policy

Campground Policy

This property is privately owned. By engaging with 3G-Camping Retreat, you accept our camping privileges under the condition of releasing Green Grass Grove (also known as GGG, 3G, 3G-Camping Retreat, 3G-Camping, & 3GC), its owners, and employees from all liability for loss, damage, or injury. You also agree to indemnify GGG against claims arising from your stay.

As a 3G-Camper, you agree to follow all Campground Rules. If any violations occur, you may be asked to leave the campground without a refund. If you or any guests are found to be intoxicated and unable to drive, your vehicle may be towed at owner’s expense. Check-out time is 11:00 AM on your departure day – or unless specifically noted otherwise. If you and/or your belongings are not properly vacated from the campground by this time, you may acquire additional fees.

Please note, the person who made the Hipcamp Reservation and is the primary contact person is designated as the “Tribe Leader”. They are responsible for any additional fees that may incur due to their group not checking out on time. If a later check-out is needed, the Tribe Leader may need to rent another day or, in some cases, the vehicle may be stored for a nominal fee. Otherwise, it may be towed at the Tribe Leader and/or Vehicle Owner’s expense.


  • All Campers and their Guests must register with Green Grass Grove (as needed by their bio-security requirements to enter GGG).
  • Campers are expected to read, understand, and agree to the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Hipcamp’s Policies, and 3G-Camping Policies prior to entering our Campground.
  • The “Tribe Leader” is the person who made the Hipcamp reservation and is the primary contact person for the group of campers and oversees their stay.
  • Tribe Leaders are required to register for an online 3G-Camping Retreat Account as it unlocks additional benefits and features.
  • The Tribe Leader must either designate themselves or someone else as the designated Campfire Safety Monitor that is familiar with safe campfire practices. They are also expected to take the FREE Campfire Safety Course and pass the Quiz.
  • It is also highly recommended that all other Campers also sign-up for an Online Account, as it will allow them to access other exclusive benefits.
  • This is a family-friendly campground. Please be mindful of your language around the presence of children.
  • Please be respectful of other Campers around you. Keep your noise levels down and be considerate of everyone camping in the same area as you. We would like to keep the campgrounds in great condition so that all Campers can enjoy their stay for years to come, so please take care of it!
  • Quiet hours are in effect and shall be observed and enforced from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. This includes, but is not limited to, playing music, loud talking, and the use of generators and other powered equipment should not be operated during quiet hours.
  • With respect for other guests and the surrounding community, a noise-curfew begins at 11:00 PM and will be enforced until 7:00 AM the following morning.
  • You may only camp at the campsite number confirmed to you. YOU MAY NOT SWITCH CAMPSITES WITHOUT APPROVAL FROM GGG FIRST.
  • Trenching or digging in a campsite is prohibited.
  • Do not cut down live trees or vegetation.
  • No smoking of any kind in GGG buildings, rentals, equipment, or within 25 feet of any entrance.
  • Please do not bring or use any illegal substances onto GGG property (this would include vehicles parked on GGG property as well). GGG does not consider Medical Marijuana (MMJ ) as an illegal substance if the Camper has a valid medical card!
  • Alcohol may be consumed by responsible adults 21+ and over but it must remain at the campsites.
  • Hunting is not allowed within GGG. Fishing may be available but additional terms and conditions may apply.
  • The use of any weapons, firearms, fireworks, or other non-GGG-issued Airsoft/Paintball/BB/Pellet guns are strictly prohibited.
  • No explosive materials or other dangerous substances are permitted.
  • GGG reserves the right at any time to ask Campers to remove any item on Campsite or to remove or disassemble anything built or erected at the Campsite.
  • Campers are responsible for their own behavior while on GGG property, and Campers agree to indemnify Green Grass Grove and its Owners for any damages to person or property caused by you, your family, and/or any other person in your group.


  • GGG always conducts pre and post-inspections of every campsite and its surrounding environment.
  • Please pick up any trash around your entire campsite.
  • If a pet was present, please make sure to clean up after them.
  • Leave the campground as clean as when you found it.


GGG unfortunately does not have any public restrooms available on-site. However, we do have some portable toilet tent rentals that offer a more comfortable option when nature calls. Please contact us prior to booking to determine availability and pricing options.

Regardless of whatever option the Camper chooses, all campers are responsible for their own waste removal and will need to dispose of the waste in a safe/proper manner. There is a minimum $50.00 bio-hazard waste removal fee for each and every occurrence of waste improperly disposed of. Please clean up after yourself and properly dispose of your bio-waste.


  • Campfires are allowed so long that there isn’t any burn bans and/or other restrictions.
  • Fires are only permitted within designated fire rings located on the campsites.
  • Fully contained-barbecue grills and camp stoves are okay.
  • Due to bio-security concerns, all outside firewood must be visibly inspected and be free of any foreign creatures or non-organic materials. For example, the emerald ash borer infestation is spread by moving infested wood to a non-infested area. We offer pre-cut natural firewood created from local trees that were cut down on our property at a reasonable price. We also may have artificial/manufactured firewood available for sale as well. IF you decide to bring outside firewood, please alert us at the time of arrival and check in so that we can inspect it.
  • We will always do our best to continue to update Hipcamp and our Website with information relating to fire bans/restrictions, however, it is the Camper’s responsibility to also check for any fire bans/restrictions prior to starting a fire. If there is a Fire Ban or Fire Restriction in effect in our area, Campers will be required to adhere to it and Campers will be liable for any fines, charges, assessments, etc. if they are found to be violating any bans, laws, ordinances, etc.
  • Be fire safe. Always check state and local fire regulations before having a campfire and know how to properly extinguish your fire.


At 3G-Camping Retreat, we understand the importance of clear and reliable communication during your stay. As a complimentary service, we provide full-range walkie-talkie radios for you to use during your stay. These handy radios provide an efficient and convenient means of communication between you and our property management team, especially during interactive games, scenarios, and/or horror camping experiences. You will receive your radio fully charged and the radio should last between 24-48 hours. These radios are equipped with low battery notifications, so if the battery needs changing, we will quickly switch it out for you, just let us know! We kindly request that these radios be returned in the same condition as received, as the replacement value for each unit is $60. We operate on channel 8 and our base radio is always available for communication. In the unlikely event that our base is unattended, we will notify you in advance and provide you with alternative means of contacting us. We kindly ask that you use these radios exclusively for communication with our management team and your designated Tribe Leader to preserve the battery length.

  • Purpose: 3G-Camping Retreat provides walkie-talkie radios to the Tribe Leader and their Group as a complimentary service. The purpose of the radios is to provide clear and reliable communication between the Tribe Leader, their Group, and 3G-Camping Retreat’s property management team.

  • Walkie-Talkie Use: The walkie-talkie radios are exclusively for communication with 3G-Camping Retreat’s property management team and the Tribe Leader. The radios are to be used only during their stay at 3G-Camping Retreat and should not be taken off the property.

  • Condition: Campers shall return the walkie-talkie(s) in the same condition as received on the day of departure, including any accessories and packaging that was included at the time of receiving the device. If the walkie-talkie(s) are not returned in the same condition, 3G-Camping Retreat reserves the right to charge the Tribe Leader/Camper for the replacement cost of $60 per unit.

  • Battery Life: The Tribe Leader acknowledges that the walkie-talkie(s) have a battery life of 24-48 hours. The radios are equipped with low-battery notifications, and 3G-Camping Retreat will quickly switch out the batteries if necessary, just notify them on Channel 8.

  • Channel: 3G-Camping Retreat operates on Channel 8, and the base-command radio is always on and available for communication. In the unlikely event that the base is unattended, 3G-Camping Retreat will notify the Tribe Leader in advance and provide alternative means of contact.

  • Additional Walkie-Talkies: Additional walkie-talkies can be provided based on availability and at 3G-Camping Retreat’s discretion.


  • Parking permits are required for overnight vehicles. No vehicles are allowed off designated roads or campsites.
  • No object may be driven into or attached to any tree, shrub, rock, sign, building or other object or structure in a state campground.
  • Only one personal vehicle per RV/Trailer space is allowed.
  • The speed limit inside GGG is limited to fifteen (15) miles per hour.
  • Do not block the blue gate at the front entrance. Furthermore, please do not block the driveway either as it is frequently used.
  • Please park vehicles within your allotted space ONLY.


  • I understand my RV/Trailer must be in a safe condition, in driveable/movable condition (based on Florida law), and well maintained with no visible contaminants or bio-security concerns.
  • All RVs or Recreational Trailers are subject to exterior inspection for safety and bio-security concerns. GGG reserves the right to refuse entrance on any vehicle that presents any safety and/or bio-security concerns.
  • RV or Recreational Trailer Campers, please contact us immediately upon arrival so that our Team can help assist you with finding your Camp Space and parking.
  • No black or grey water is to ever come into contact with the ground at Green Grass Grove. EVER!
  • There are NO dump station facilities on-site; however, we do have several facilities (i.e. Busy Bee) located Live Oak, that does offer these services.
  • Please be sure to lock your RV/Trailer. GGG is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • GGG can sometimes get high winds in the area. Please remember to retract canopies while away from your RV and tie down any equipment left outside when being left unattended.


  • We welcome any friendly pets you wish to bring along, but we do ask that you please be mindful of other visitors, other pets (including 3G-Resident Pets and other Camper’s Pets), and wildlife in the area. There may be times when your animal may need to be leashed or secured in some other manner (i.e. crate, tanked, etc.).
  • Please be aware that we do have multiple farm dogs, barn cats, and livestock (chickens, ducks, rabbits, aquatic life, etc.) already residing on the property.
  • Do not leave animals tied up and left unattended.
  • Please pick up after your pets to avoid any bio-hazard waste removal fees.
  • You are solely responsible for any damages caused by your pets.


  • By e-signing this agreement, I acknowledge that I have received, read and agree to abide by these rules and that all the information provide is true and complete. Furthermore, I shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless Green Grass Grove (also known as GGG,  3G, 3G-Camping Retreat, 3G-Camping, & 3GC), its owners, and employees from and against all claims, damages and losses and expenses including attorney’s fees for any damages or injuries which may occur while at Green Grass Grove.
  • By checking the box below, and entering my name, I declare that I have read and understand the above policies and agree to comply with them. I will ensure that the campground is not damaged in any manner by virtue of such use, and I understand that I am fully responsible for prompt repair in accordance with the County’s instructions, at my sole expense, of any such damage that might occur.