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Welcome to 3G-Camping Retreat: Where Resilience Meets Adventure

At 3G-Camping Retreat, we combine the tranquility of nature with modern amenities and endless activities. Privately set within the therapeutic and research-based Green Grass Grove hobby farm. Whether you’re here for foraging the wilderness, traditional camping, primitive camping, luxury glamping, themed camping adventures, or the groundbreaking mycological research we support, there’s something for everyone!

What’s New:

Due to the aftermath of Hurricane Idalia, we’ve had to make some adjustments. But in the spirit of resilience and creativity, we’ve risen stronger. Our Campers now have the freedom to choose from one of our 8+ uniquely themed campground locations on a first-come, first-serve basis. Our 3D-printing technology is breathing new life into our woodland decorations and amenities. Our 3D-Printing initiative (courtesy of 3G-Prints) is rebuilding and expanding our woodland decorations. From whimsical fairy gardens to the newly designed Tree of Famous Faces, our campground is being transformed, one print at a time.

As part of our renewed focus, we’ve teamed up with the πŸ„ Mushroom Network to establish a robust mushroom genetics database. This work aids in the preservation and expansion of the field of mycology. Upon entering the Retreat, you’ll find a special area covered in high-quality landscaping fabric, dedicated to the cultivation of various gourmet mushrooms. Some are even U-Pick, offering a unique hands-on mycology experience.

Your Affordable Option for Suwannee Music Park Events:

Are you attending an event at Suwannee Music Park, like the renowned Hulaween? Look no further for your camping needs. We’re the closest Hip-Camp site to the Music Park and offer a range of affordable options to make your stay comfortable and convenient.

Activities and Nearby Attractions:

Located less than 3-minutes away from Suwannee River State Park, there is access to a wide range of outdoor activities such as spring diving, bird watching, boating, canoeing, fishing, geocaching, hiking, kayaking, picnicking, and wildlife viewing. Plus, with multiple natural springs and parks nearby, you’ll have endless opportunities to swim, hike, and explore. Take a dip in the crystal-clear waters of Falmouth Spring and Suwannee Spring, or explore the trails at Ellaville Spring, home to an abundance of wildlife including all sorts of birds, whitetail deer, bats, and tortoise. With over a dozen more springs and parks located within a 30-minute radius of our campground, you’ll have endless opportunities to discover (or should we say rediscover) the natural wonders of beautiful SUWANNEE COUNTY. And don’t forget the unique mycological wonders right at your campground, courtesy of our collaboration with the πŸ„ Mushroom Network.

Optional Amenities:

  • Outdoor WiFi
  • Well Water
  • Canteen Shop (Campground Delivery)
  • Gear and Equipment Rentals
  • Interactive Gaming Experiences
  • Unique Mycological Experiences
  • AND MORE!!!

Planned Upgrades:

  • Privacy Stall
  • RV Powerstation

Seasonal Specials:

Stay tuned for our seasonal offerings, including horror-themed camping during the Halloween and Fall seasons, and ongoing expansions in trails and amenities.


Our campgrounds have expanded to 8+ unique camp spots, available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Despite the setbacks of Hurricane Idalia, we’re committed to growth and innovation. Our 3D-printing technology is breathing new life into our woodland decorations and amenities.


Campsite Starfield (RV/Trailer Site), formerly known as Campsite 4, is designated for RV/Trailers but we do allow regular campers to book this site as well. Campsite Starfield is located the furthest inside the property and provides an excellent wide-open stargazing experience due to its location in an open field located in the center of the property.

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