Welcome to 3G-Camping Retreat, where we bring your camping experience to a whole new level with our special amenities! We are excited to offer you an unforgettable camping experience that is both fun and educational.

At 3G-Camping Retreat, we use 3D-printed objects to add a unique and interesting touch to the environment, creating a whimsical and magical atmosphere. You’ll find 3D-printed animals, plants, and other unique designs scattered throughout the campsites and trails, including the famous Tree of Famous Faces, a giant old oak tree that displays a wide assortment of 3D-printed famous people’s bust portraits.

But that’s not all! We also offer interactive 3D-printed objects that can be found throughout the campground. You can interact with them through our 3GC website, which adds a whole new level of engagement to the camping experience. These interactive objects include puzzles, mazes, and other challenges that require Campers to use their creativity and problem-solving skills. The best part? It’s like a real-life video game, where you can earn Tokens and rewards for completing the challenges.

To take your camping experience to the next level, we also offer Challenge Card decks. These digital decks offer a range of challenges, from easy to difficult, that Campers can complete to earn Tokens and advance their rank. Whether it’s a nature walk, scavenger hunt, or survival challenges, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. And as you earn Tokens, you can redeem them for a range of rewards, from exclusive prizes and discounts to 3GP-Tokens, which can be used at, and 3G-Tokens, which can be used at

We’ve also created the Camper Account, a personalized account that you can create on our 3GC website. The account allows you to track your progress, including your rank, Tokens, and completed challenges. The best part? The Camper Account also retains your rank and points for repeat visits, meaning that you can pick up where you left off on your previous visit.

As a Tribe Leader, you have access to additional special features associated with your role. You can assign digital awards to Campers in your group, which they can proudly display on their Camper Account. This feature adds a whole new level of competition and camaraderie to your camping experience. You can also use your additional abilities to make your group’s experience even more interactive by incorporating props, cosplay/customs, role-playing, AR, and other exciting elements into your challenges.

We hope you are as excited as we are about our special amenities at 3G-Camping Retreat! Our goal is to create a unique and engaging camping experience that is both fun and educational. So come join us and become a part of our community of Campers!