Welcome To The Handy Help Page of 3G-Camping Retreat! 🏕️

Hey there, wonderful Campers and esteemed Tribe Leaders! We’ve heard you, we see you, and we’re here to put all your camping woes to rest. It’s so simple, even a 🐻 bear could do it (but please, let’s keep those walkie-talkies away from🐻 bears).

First Things First: The Magic of the Walkie-Talkie Radio 📻

Local Communications:

Are you the Tribe Leader? Congrats! You’re the lucky one we’ve entrusted with a super-duper important walkie-talkie radio. No, it doesn’t get Netflix, but it will keep you in the loop with your tribe and our fabulous 3G-Camping property management team.

Here’s the 411 on how to use it:

  1. Purpose: Keep it professional, folks. This radio is for communication between you, your tribe, and us—the dream team at 3G-Camping Retreat. Please leave the prank calls for another time.

  2. Keep it Safe: We like our radios like we like our camping gear—in one piece. Return it just as you got it, or else we’ll have to charge you a $60 “Oops, My Bad fee.

  3. Battery Life: Your walkie-talkie has a battery life that rivals a caffeinated squirrel—24 to 48 hours! If you hear a low-battery alert, don’t panic. Just switch to Channel 8 and ask us for a fresh one.

  4. Channel 8 is Great: You’ll find us hanging out on Channel 8. If we’re not there (probably out wrestling Bigfoot), we’ll give you a heads-up on how to reach us.

  5. Extras: Need more radios? We got you! But remember, all radios lent out are radios that all need to be returned at the end of your journey and stay.

But Wait, There’s More!

Contact Us Directly 📞

When you roll up to our fantastic retreat, check out our front signage (at the blue & red gates)! It’s so legible, it’ll give you the phone number you need faster than you can say “smores.”

For Other Concerns, There’s Green Grass Grove 🌱

Got questions that our walkie-talkie magic can’t answer? Head over to our mothership, the Green Grass Grove Help Center.

Hip-Camp Benefits 📲

Ah yes, the wonders of modern technology! You can also use the Hip-Camp App or Website to reach us.

PLEASE NOTE THOUGH: Due to the wild wonders of Mother Nature, there might be minor delays or interruptions in reception.


That’s it, Campers! Remember, the walkie-talkie is your best friend (after s’mores, of course). Now go on, get out there and make some unforgettable camping memories!

Cheers and Happy Camping! 🏕️🌲🔥